Building the Canoe

I am so excited to launch 3 Canoes Design as part of the Eighth Generation "Inspired Natives" project (  Louie Gong and his team have opened up a tremendous door for me to share my art with the world in new and exciting ways.  I am thrilled to represent indigenous cultures of the Pacific through my designs and products.  While the first products won't launch for a few months, I wanted to begin sharing my work and designs.

I assume that some might have questions about the inspiration for the title of 3 Canoes.  As an educator, I have spent 13 years trying to help students navigate higher education and build bridges to new possibilities.  My ancestors hail from various island peoples (Hawaii, Philippines, Japan) and I consider them the first bridge builders.  These ancestors navigated turbulent waters in an effort to explore, connect, and gift things to new peoples.  It is my hope that my designs will inspire people to explore the stories of these first bridge builders, make connections with the beautiful Pasifika cultures, and gift meaningful and beautiful items to one another.  The canoe then represents connection and story for me. Three canoes invites us to constantly think about our sense of responsibility to past (ancestors) and future (posterity).  

At this point, with little product but great intentions, I am simply building the canoe.  In a few weeks, I will be able to launch it from the shore and begin bringing you products that tell stories and build connections.  

Mahalo, Kyle            


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