Custom Designed Shoes

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Inspired by a workshop with famed artist and entrepreneur Louie Gong, Kyle started making custom culturally designed shoes in August 2015.  Kyle's designs primarily reflect his Pacific Islander heritage and his street art background.  He combines an urban aesthetic with cultural symbols to weave together modern interpretations of rich cultural stories.  The philosophy of these custom shoes is to allow people to "walk with their stories" in visible ways.  

From the moment Kyle began his shoe design, people inquired about custom purchases.  We are excited to announce that 3canoes is now offering Kyle's custom designed shoes.  

To order, please submit an order and Kyle will contact you within 48 hours to discuss shoe size, style, favorite colors, themes, patterns, and anything else that might make this custom design meaningful to you.  In order to make the product truly meet your needs, the conversation will also include a discussion about the shoe type.  Each pair of shoes will be purchased at an average cost of $60.  This is factored in to the listed price.  Shipping costs are added to the listed price.

Each pair of shoes will be truly a one-of-a-kind pair.  Even if there are designs that are replicated from stock photos that you have seen, Kyle makes each one unique to the customer.