"Voyages" Throw Blanket

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This beautiful throw blanket was designed by Inspired Natives Collaborator, Kyle Reyes (Hawaiian), in honor of the first peoples of the Pacific to navigate the ocean, gather resources and information, and bring it back to their people. The name "Voyages" refers to the voyage each Pacific Islander and indigenous person must make to connect to their histories and heritages, inviting them to do so with purpose and intention. Rich with meaning, the design weaves together elements from six different Pacific Islander traditions: Hawaiian, Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, Maori, and Tahitian.


The blanket incorporates symbols from these traditions that represent courage, time and space, previous generations of warriors and leaders, the blood spilled in defense of the aina (Hawaiian) or whenua (Maori), and the lines of canoes who journey together in community. It principle colors, brown and blue, symbolize the connection between the ocean and the wood of the navigator's vessels. The blanket's central paddle design comes from the original Native Hawaiian flag from before Hawaii was colonized, paying homage to Kyle's people and the Kingdom of Hawaii.